About 988 TALK

About 988 TALK

Innovative Health Tech, Inc. (“IHT”) the company behind 988 Talk, is dedicated to addressing mental health issues with a focus on suicide prevention announced today the launch of its mobile app 988 Talk.

In the wake of one of the highest rates of depression, anxiety, and suicide in recorded history, 988 couldn’t have come at a better time. Even before the effects of a global pandemic, worldwide economic downturn, and increased international conflict, 988 was signed into law to become the new suicide prevention hotline number.

The three-digit number not only makes it easier to remember during a mental health crisis it also distinguishes it from 911, which was designed to address criminal acts and other emergencies.

One point of need that has not been addressed by 988 is long term care for those at risk. In many instances individuals are left on hold for over 30 minutes when calling the suicide hotline. Callers often find themselves needing to call back repeatedly in the days, weeks and months following their initial call, overwhelming the system.

IHT took the initiative to create a mobile app for those suffering from depression as well as those who want to help someone else dealing with mental health challenges. The platform, available on web, Apple, and Android, connects those seeking long term mental healthcare with professionals.

Co-founder and tech Entrepreneur Byron Booker stated, “Our team has a long history of supporting mental health initiatives, and we wanted to put our gifts and talents to work to make a positive impact during this crisis.” 

IHT ask its professionals to offer a limited free trial before charging, but this is not a requirement to join the program.  988 Talk also offers mental health tips and reminders to help with long term prevention.

988 Talk has already partnered with many non-profits dedicated to mental health.  It’s even partnered with a mindful NFT series called Coach Koala to help bring awareness to the app.