Coach Koala

The 988 TALK is committed to reaching those in need right where they are in fun and creative ways. One of the ways we are thinking outside the box is by spreading the word about 988  TALK, mental health awareness and suicide prevention is through our very own virtual mental coach “Coach Koala”.  Coach Koala is a collection of 5000 unique NFTs made up of 101 mindful quotes crafted to help bring encouragement and clarity to its holders. Proceeds from the NFTs go to benefit 988 Talk and suicide prevention non-profits. 

At 988 TALK, we are here to listen. We’re here to help survivors find their own path towards healing.

The 988 TALK staff understands that each person suffering from mental health should be treated with dignity. 

Hope and healing are possible after the loss of a relationship. 988 TALK was created to help individuals cope with grief in a healthy way. 

Your personal self worth is a strong defense against depression. 988 Talk is a long term solution to help others build themselves up over time.

After experiencing depression, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next. 988 TALK staff are here to talk about your options and connect you to additional resources.

Once a person is caught in the cycle of depression, anxiety and stress it can be difficult to change course. 988 Talk helps get people back on the right track. 

Social media has caused a major decline in mental health particularly among our youth. 988 Talk is here to help before and after a crisis occurs. 

Professional mental health counselors help put life’s disappointments in perspective. 988 Talk connects licensed therapist with those seeking mental health services. 

If you or someone you know is  experienced suicidal thoughts, please consider reaching out to 998 TALK for 24/7, anonymous, one-on-one support.